Citizens report: snow that BURNS


It would seem the Geo-Engineering phenomenon known as “ChemTrails” has led to a special kind of frozen product this year which is not exactly equivalent to previous winters. Snow, Ice, or frozen water of any sort has a stable tendency to melt under heat of any source above 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Facebook and Youtube users across the globe have taken to their back yards in an attempt to recreate the latest anomaly of 2014: burning snow.

As seen in the following videos, the ‘Snow’ of early 2014 which stormed the Eastern United States has a peculiar reaction to direct flame. It appears the snow is burning, that is- blackening and giving off a “plastic” smell under direct heat, when exposed to open flames of multiple sources. Testers have tried Butane torches, Propane torches, and ‘Bic’ style cigarette lighters as common constants for the simple experiment. Unanimously, all users have concluded that the ‘Snow’ of this season will evaporate, but not shed water as a result of the heat. The first reports of this phenomenon began to accrue in January, 2014.

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I remembered from Chemistry class, in college, that when a solid changes to a gas without becoming liquid first it is called “Sublimation”. It came to my mind when the snow disappeared from the driveway without becoming wet first.”- -Bill Dufendach, HCJB Global (Jan. 6, 2014)

sublimation def

Some witnesses to the phenomenon have noted that the ‘snow’ this year has even disappeared without becoming wet first- a property normally examined in Dry Ice, but never NORMAL ice.

Other citizens have taken to social media in an attempt to ‘Debunk’ the claims that the snow in these videos was fake. Youtube user Joshua Barry posted a video response January 29th with his claim that the char-like anomaly on the snow was caused by the Butane itself. Many are skeptical due to the temperature produced by a Bic-style cigarette lighter (averaging 450 degrees Fahrenheit) versus the melting point of any form of frozen water (33 degrees Fahrenheit).

While lab test results have yet to be released by a credible source, regarding the contents of this new precipitation phenomenon, we are advising citizens NOT to consume the ‘snow’ as we cannot be sure of its contents at this time. Many speculate that we can expect┬átrace amounts of Aluminum, Barium, and Strontium to be at an all-time high; given the nature of the change in ecology out West due to spraying.

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